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Cleaning team

What is the vision?

To clean up the toilets and the Sunday School rooms after the Church Service.

What is involved?


  • Room on left wing and right wing:

    • Both rooms on the left wing and right wing should be swept, and tables cleaned or cleared.

    • Garbage collected. Windows and curtains closed.

  • 2 Toilets

    • To be cleaned: Toilet bowls, sink, floors

    • To be (re)filled: paper hand towels, 3 spare toilet papers

  • Garbage: to be collected, put together in a black garbage bag and deposited in the container behind the building

  • Used rags:

    • All used rags to be hanged on the buckets in the "cleaning material room"

What is the time commitment?

Once a month

If you are interested, please contact Laura Salzlechner, or email:

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