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Below are the details necessary for giving to the church. We greatly appreciate your contribution!

Bank details


Riverlife - BIEC

PC: 30-781161-5

IBAN: CH 91 0900 0000 3078 1161 5

QR code Sunday Offering_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg
QR code banking

Invoice recipients have a range of options when it comes to paying a QR-bill:


Via e-banking:

Open your e-banking application, scan the Swiss QR Code with the QR reader or integrated camera and click to trigger payment. When paying with the QR-bill, you still have the option of typing in the payment information.






Via mobile banking:

Open the mobile banking app on your smartphone, scan the Swiss QR Code with the QR reader function and tap the screen to trigger payment.


By mail:

The QR-bill also functions as a payment slip (payment section and receipt) and can be paid at, for example, the post office counter or cash deposit machine or sent to the bank as a payment order in an envelope.Alternatively, as a company using business software.

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