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Livestream Team

What is the vision?

To provide a regular and consistent live streaming service, in order to facilitate those who cannot physically attend Riverlife church services (either permanently, due to relocation, or momentarily, due to holidays/sickness/other commitments) to experience the services from anywhere they may be around the globe.

What is involved?

The team is currently composed of 3 core members (and open to more). However, there are others who occasionally lend their time and expertise to help in the maintenance and improvement of the live streaming service. The members share the responsibility of the live streaming service on a rotational basis and are expected to carry out the following tasks during active duty: 

• Setting up the camera equipment before the beginning of the service (ideally 30 minutes in advance)
• Operating the cameras and streaming software for the duration of the live service
• Clearing away any equipment related to providing the streaming service upon conclusion of the service
• Editing and uploading the streamed video to YouTube (up to 2 days after the live stream has ended)


What is involved?

Based on the rota for the current team, the required commitment to the Live Streaming department is expected to be an average of 3-6 hours a month, specifically on Sundays from 4pm-7pm. (During the service)


Contact: Tofunmi Ajayi (

Tel: 076 453 97 99 

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