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Image by Levi Guzman

Welcome team

What is the vision?

• As a Sunday team of two people on rota to welcome everyone to the weekly service.
• Be friendly to newcomers and help them find a seat and any childcare needed –
printed on the bulletin. Introduce them to leadership at end if appropriate.


What is involved?

  • Offer newcomers a printed bulletin when they arrive, around 10 copies of which the
    Administrator (Martin Murigi currently) provides.
    • Take the collection and bring it to the altar. Count the adults.
    • Offer a Welcome Pack at end of service and inform re Contact Card inside.


What is the time commitment?

• Time: Arrive around 16:15/16:30.
• After service stay until 7pm to welcome and chat to newcomers.
• Commit to a duty rota at least once every two months, preferably once a month.
• Be willing to be contacted via our Welcome Team WhatsApp group or email.

If you are called to serve in this way contact Shelagh and/or Martin Brawand, Welcome
Team leaders. Shelagh is administrator of the rota.

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