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Worship team

What is the vision?

Our aim is to provide an environment where our church is aware of God’s presence and led to worship Him freely in spirit and truth.


What is involved?

  • Coming to church with a desire to worship.

  • Willingness to play/sing in the worship team once/twice a month.

On the Sundays when you’re part of the band:

  • Learning the songs for the service and practicing them at home.

  • Come to the church at 15:15 for set-up and practice.

  • Clearing away the equipment after the service.


What is the time commitment?

Once to twice a month:

  • Practice at home: individual time depending on familiarity and skill.

  • Set-up, practice, church service, and clearing equipment away: approx. 3.5 hours (15:15 – 18:45)

If you are interested, contact Tim:

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